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It is said that money is not everything but somehow in these times it is the solution to most of our problems and very much needed for our day to day living. After all who doesn’t enjoy the luxuries of life which can be bought through money? Apart from covering your basic needs, money also frees you so that you can focus on health and various spiritual matters. Having a lot of money is a dream for lot of people among us and we thrive day in and day out to make this dream come true.

When I talk about having money, I do not mean being greedy. There is nothing wrong in wishing to have lot of money for a better life of yourself and your loved ones. Greed is evil. Greed forces you to look out for wrong way to acquire wealth. If you are a believer in karma then always remember ‘Easy come, easy go’. Wealth acquired through wrong ways will not stay with you for a longer time. We should look out for wealth which we deserve. Nature has abundance for everyone and all of us deserve to be wealthy if we have a specific mind set. Below are some of the tips which might help you in your quest to acquire wealth and success


This is the most important step towards acquiring wealth. The moment you share with someone in need, it automatically uplifts your spirits and gives you a feeling of being wealthy. Always remember this golden rule ‘Universe never keeps any debt’. The more you give away; it will come back to you in multiples. Sharing does not necessarily mean sharing money, it can be anything like experience, advice etc Always remember to share something that has a potential to grow. For example, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Now imagine getting lifetime returns from universe in this case. Invest in someone’s education, help someone in finding a job, help those who are ill etc. Options are many; all you have to do is look with an eye of compassion.

Watch your words & thoughts

Words are more powerful than bullets. Always be careful of what you say about yourself. Never describe your financial position negatively. If you have nothing positive to say about your financial status then say nothing at all. Always affirm to yourself that you are connected to a source of abundance and that you wish prosperity for yourself and everyone else and believe that these affirmations are true because they are. Keep your thoughts positive as far as possible. Whenever a negative thought appears into your mind immediately replace it with a positive one. Make this a habit and eventually you will get rid of all the negativity and will see positive energy everywhere. Apart from yourself, do not speak or think negatively about others. Avoid gossip at any cost. If you have to criticize someone then say it upfront but with an intension to help and not just to make other person feel bad.

Share your positive energy with others. Make them feel good. Make them feel motivated. Make them realize about the abundance of universe. Positive thoughts and words act as a magnet in attracting wealth and success.

Say no to debt

Debt shows lack and helplessness which brings negative energies which in turn starts negative thought process. Avoid being in debt at any cost. Debt enslaves a person and restricts positive energies. Cut of your luxuries if necessary but try to be debt free.

Health is wealth

Health is the most important asset given to mankind. Always take good care of yourself. Wake up early, exercise regularly and eat healthy. Go on a walk early every morning. Observe the nature and its abundant beauty. Let the positivity and beauty of nature sink in your body and soul. Watch the beautiful sight of sun rising. Let the beauty and power of nature sink into your mind and soul. This will definitely give you a pleasant feeling which will last whole day. Affirm yourself of the abundance which nature has to offer you.

Apart from taking care of your physical self, you also need to take care of your inner self. Meditation is the best way to keep your mind and soul healthy. Meditate early in the morning if possible and try to do it at same time every day. Meditation helps you in controlling your thoughts which in turn will help you in bringing positivity in your life. You can find lot of meditation techniques mentioned online. Pick any one technique which suits you and stick to it.

Make reading a habit

Make reading a part of your daily routine. Read biographies, success stories, latest inventions etc. Expand your knowledge base as much as possible. Make it a habit to read and learn something new every day. It can be anything related to your field of work or outside but make sure to end your day with some new knowledge. Plan to read at least 2 books a month.

Spend wisely

Money saved is money earned. Always manage your finance wisely. Keep track of each and every penny that you earn and spend. I do not mean that you become frugal but knowing exactly where your expenses are helps a lot in saving. Do not compromise on quality but always go for the best deals. Look for discount and cash backs. Always keep a track of things you need in your day to day life and when they are available on sale. Do not shy away from using a coupon or asking for a loyalty discount. Remember, if you do not ask, you do not get.

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