Dresses and accessories which every girl should have in her wardrobe

SMJBuzz 05 Jan, 2017 Lifestyle

Some styles remain in trend and become hotter than ever. These styles stick around us for years and require only one person to start while of course everyone else is just fascinated.


The Little Black Dress


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Everyone now owns the little black dress. It's just perfect for cocktail parties, going for a movie or no matter going out to a club. You don't have one? Go and grab it right now.


The Statement Scarf


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A glamorous scarf has been trendy from the day it was first worn. All the huge stars have been spotted making a red carpet appearance with a scarf on. Oh, this is never going out of fashion.


Classic Diamond ring


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What’s better than boasting your expensive diamond ring? Diamonds have been a huge fashion for several years now but the craze is not out yet. You just need a Solitaire to say “I love you” or express your love. Diamonds are indeed ,among one of the top fashion trends.


Kylie lip-kit


Image Source: do6gbw1x8hs3.cloudfront.net


Which girl today doesn’t desire a Kylie lip-kit? Hell, yeah. Kylie Jenner has introduced her very own lip-kit which sells out like boom. Grab one soon to own one of the most trending things of 2016.


Trench Coat


Image Source: nord.imgix.net


This is an overcoat mostly worn by Kim Kardashian and every girl in the world follows her. The Trench coat is a simple designer overcoat that can be worn on technically, anything.




Image Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com


Stilettos, to be honest, look better than they actually feel. Going to a party or just hanging out with friends, stilettos has your back. This amazing footwear has been in the wardrobe list of every girl in 2016.




Image Source: cdn.cichic.com


Yes, Stripes are back in fashion but wait, when were they out of fashion? Never! You can put stripes on a tight fitting sweater or a button down shirt and there you are, you have everything you need.


Over the Knee Boots


Image Source: www.justthedesign.com


The knee high boots have been a fashion trend all-round the year. Pull them over skinny jeans or feel sexy when you wear them with a mini skirt. These have been a great trend in 2016.


Slitted Skirts


Image Source: dishmag.com


These have been a surprisingly wonderful trend this year. Want to show off those skinny sexy legs or want to look professional or even if you want to go to a high class party, Slitted Skirt it is.




Image Source: static.highsnobiety.com


Sneakers do not need anything more to say. You have probably gone to shop more because of their versatility, one can never have too many of them. Sneakers effortlessly dress you up and there you are, all ready.

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