Reasons why Dubai is just incredible and a must visit for everyone.

SMJBuzz 03 Jan, 2017 Travel

Dubai – A relatively new tourist spot has its popularity growing year after year. It is praised for the blissful beaches, wonderful hotels and its incredible skyline. 


1.  Dubai is the best place for an incredible Skyline


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Dubai is your place if you love architecture. More than 900 skyscrapers & now we surely know why Dubai has such impressive skyline. The tallest man made structure, Burj Khalifa, is native to Dubai. Some other shockers include The Palm Island, an artificial island with breath-taking views.


2.  Multi Culture Pot


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People from over 200 different countries call Dubai their home. They form 80% of the population of Dubai. This means that you’ll definitely meet an array of different and interesting people from across the globe.  


3.  The Grub


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Dubai has your taste of food ready to be served. There is a vast array of food including – Arab, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, French, American and much more. Dubai won't disappoint you in terms of food. If you’re a foodie, Dubai is a perfect place for you.


4.  Climate


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We all say that Dubai is really hot and melts us down but that is one of the reasons that it attracts so many tourists. There are 300 days of bright sunshine every year. With 1000 km of coastline, we’ll know why it is a place to go for a sun-filled holiday.


5.  Shopping


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Dubai is the host to very large and huge shopping malls, including Dubai mall which is biggest in the world. Dubai is filled with products for every pocket size. It is worth place for a unique retail therapy.


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