Special hacks for first Monday of the 2017

SMJBuzz 02 Jan, 2017 Lifestyle

2nd January 2017 Monday, probably the heaviest Monday in the year, obviously after partying hard for a weekend New Year and now most of us sit in office and strive to work as I am now.

It was an eventful weekend for all as even those who don’t have off were able to enjoy thanks to weekend. But time moves at its own sweet pace and weekend passed just at the blink of an eye and we sit here in office trying to beat the Monday Blues.

I have something for you which might help you beat the Monday Blues and be entertained while you are working:-

1.  This Video


It was one of the most watched YouTube videos in 2016; I still wonder why, but ya its dead funny.


2.  This Romantic Saxophone Riff

Yess its Careless Whisper by Late George Michael who left us last week. We miss you George.


3.  Jokes on Modi’s new Speech

I know I put an old one, but there are host of other jokes doing rounds on internet you can browse for some and beat this Monday.


4.  Look at countdowns of 2016

You will find 100’s of countdowns of best songs, best videos, best this, best that and they are quite entertaining probably people have worked to help us set the playlist for the day, that’s what I did atleast.


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