These AKON songs will definitely take you back to good old days

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These AKON songs will definitely take you back to good old days


Akon is a great role model and has helped the world become a better place in true sense. He is one of the most influential singers and he is definitely coming back with new hits in 2017. All his songs are stuck in everyone’s head and they all are evergreen.



1.  Right Now (Na Na Na)


Probably the best song sung by Akon, the lyrics were really a masterpiece and the music was great. Still heard in all the parties and it is impossible to not hit the dance floor when it's being played. You can hear this again and again and never get tired, trust me.



2.  Smack That


The song also featured Eminem, from the album Konvicted, which had received huge praises from music critics as. Sold over 3 million downloads in the United States alone. This song is never going off your head.



3.  Beautiful


With truly amazing lyrics, this song from Akon’s album, Freedom, featured the singer Colby O’Donis and has rap by the rapper, Kardinal Offishall. This song released in 2009, became a hit overnight.


4.  Sorry, Blame it on Me


The fifth single from his album, Konvicted, was co-written by Clinton Sparks. The song attained number one position on iTunes soon after its release in 2007. It's relatable to an incident in which Akon danced sexually with an underage girl. That doesn't matter to us though; we love this song and can't keep this off our head.



5.  Hold My Hand


The duet performed by the two legends, Michael Jackson & Akon is definitely staying not only in our minds but also in our hearts. The perfect song for you, when you just want some alone time or you’re just sad for no reason. It was recorded in 2008 and it hit international top 20 in many countries. The song is definitely our favourite one.



6.  Sexy Bitch


This song by David Guetta featuring Akon is a masterpiece from his album, One Love. It achieved commercial success worldwide and topped the charts in many areas. This song has great music and resembles people in everyday life. You can relate.



7.  Lonely


I’m so lonely,

I’m Mr. lonely,

I have nobody,

To call my own.”


Is still sung everywhere around the globe. This single released in 2005 and hit the charts within three days of release. A great song with a great music, everyone loves Akon for this.



8.  Chammak Challo


This song by Akon is just beautiful. We have to give Akon credit to perform in a bollywood song. Everyone desires to show some moves on this song. Starring Sharukh Khan, this song was a big hit.



9.  I Wanna Love You


The song made for true lovers, features Snoop Dogg. This song is sung everywhere in the world. It is the most melodious song of Akon and the lyrics are wonderful. This isn’t leaving me for some time now.



10.  Ghetto


A single from the singer’s debut album, Trouble, was released in 2004. This slang song struck everyone’s’ mind and is still residing there. This is one of the best songs of Akon.


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