These people with Superpowers definitely need to be known

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Superpowers, everyone is fascinated by the term itself. Everyone has dreamt of having superpowers but well, only in some cases the dreams come true.

Magnetic Body


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Liew Thon Lin, a man from Malaysia can stick metal objects on into his body. There is no scientific reason for this. He can balance a considerable amount of objects on his skin.


Super Memory


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Daniel Temmet has a superpower to memorise incredibly well. He has a record of reciting the value of Pi upto 22,514 digits.


Sleepless Human


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Al Herpin claims that he has no need to sleep. There is no bed in his home. He was in good health and lived till 94 years of age. He has this unique insomnia and he claims that at one point in his life, he hasn't slept for 10 years at a stretch.


Eat all you see


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Michel Lotito is a human with superhuman eating abilities. He can eat anything, literally, anything. He has been proven to consume glass, metal, rubber and many other objects.


Bat Vision


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Ben Underwood lost his eyes to retinal cancer at the age of three and is completely blind but he has super abilities to see using Human Echolocation like bats do. Ben is able to skate, ride a bicycle and even travel nicely.


Super Pain Tolerance


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Tim Cridland is a superhuman who can tolerate any amount of pain. Surprisingly, proven, he has passed sharp objects through different parts of his body. He says that he has trained himself to become this and there is nothing special about him physically.


Long Runner


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Dean Karnazes is a man who ran 350 miles which is equivalent to 560 kilometres in 80 hours and 44 minutes, without sleeping, in 2005. Though, he is not the only person to do this. There is a group of tribe in Mexico called Tarahumara who have an ability to run 200 miles in a single session.


Ice Body


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Wim Hof has pushed and crossed all limits of cold in past 35 years. He has climbed freezing Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro in mere shorts and also swam under iced water. He says that he has trained his body to become immune for this and doesn't have any suffering from ice dips.




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Shakuntala Devi has super abilities of calculating everything. She has been tested many times and has passed all. She has been able to calculate the cube root of 61,629,875 and seventh root of 170,859,375 using only her head. She is a human computer.


Super Vision memory


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Stephen Wiltshire has been able to draw exact landscapes of cities, from his memory cloud, just by seeing it once. He has a record of drawing a nineteen-feet-long landscape of 305 square miles of New York after a single helicopter ride over the city.

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