These things remained mysteries even at the end of 2016

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2016 was a remarkable year but there are really horrifying mysteries that aren't yet solved. Afraid? Well, you should be. From an ocean with signs of alien life to a drug lord who made it through an impossible escape, here are some of the mysteries that the world will try and solve this year.


1.  WTF Space Junk



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A bunch of scientists in a plane saw a mysterious piece of what we call a space junk burning in Earth’s atmosphere right above Indian Ocean in November 2016. NASA and other space agencies which monitor a large part of space debris name the object- WT1190F. This was said to re-enter the atmosphere after being first spotted in October. It’s close to two months after it was spotted but we are still not sure what the object actually was.


2.  Hayat Boumeddiene



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The 26 year old suspect from the Paris blasts between Jan 7 & Jan 9 has escaped. She reported to Syria after the blasts and in an alleged interview she is reported to work with a group in Syria. Boumeddine is one of the most wanted criminals in the world, today.


3.  Kazakhstan History



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The weird patterns that appear above remote parts of Kazakhstan are seen only when looked from high altitudes, vary in shape and are named as Steppe Geoglyphs. There are many of these patterns and the oldest one, dates to 8000 years ago. These were first discovered in 2007 and many scientists have worked on this but nobody has still known what these designs are.


4.  Where’s El Chapo



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In July, the Sinaloa drug lord, El Chapo, escaped from the Altiplano maximum security prison. He had escaped through a small hole drilled in his shower cell and then ran away on a motorcycle through a tunnel underground. He had already been relaxing in his safe house before the cops had started their search. Some believe that the Mexican government has let him live free so that the narco wars in the country come to a balance. Where is he now? May be next to you?


5.  Ghost Boats



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Mysterious “ghost” boats were sent to Japan, full of decaying corpses. More than a dozen boats were sent to Japan’s north-western coast in just a single month, full of dead bodies and skulls. Signs indicate that these boats were sent from North Korea, because most of the equipment had signs written in Korean and one of the boats had a piece of cloth that resembled North Korean flag. More than 30 such boats were found in 2015. 65 boats were sent in 2014 & 80 in 2013 as well.


6.  Saturn’s mystery



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In October, NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini which has been observing and orbiting Saturn got its closest to Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moon and found some spray leaking out of the moon’s south pole. Enceladus has thick ice. Scientists are trying to learn about the pH balance and molecular composition of water on the moon, and are figuring out if it is habitable. Cassini will end its mission when it goes out of fuel in 2017.


7.  Catastrophic collapse



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In May, within two weeks, more than 120,000 critically endangered Saiga antelopes were found dead in central Kazakhstan. This is more than one-third of the population of the animals. Scientists are trying to figure this die-off. The suspects were two pathogens - Pasteurella & Clostridia - but these weren't able to prove the mystery. It is believed that it may be because of the rocket fuel as Russia sends missions to its space station from Kazakhstan. Yet, the actual reason remains unknown to us.


8.  MH370



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Seriously, what happened to the flight? The MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur in March 2014 but vanished in mid-way. We’ve collected evidence but the exact reason is still not known. Even after two years, we’re not close to track the case. Let's hope we solve this in 2017.


9.  Creepy Clowns



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People around Clifton Park, Albanu, USA, have spotted mysterious “creepy” clowns running the park. At least two people have filed a case about this. Police didn't find any evidence of this clown in the town, but the event has been witnessed even after investigations.


10.  Jon Snow



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Every Game of Thrones lover has this question. In the last shot of the final episode, Jon Snow was seen with haunting open eyes and fallen on snowy ground. We may figure out that he is dead, but no, not yet. The poster released by HBO for its next season features Jon Snow, so say yay, he still has a chance. But wait? He’s alive? Or will he be a ghost? Or may be a White Walker? The most nail biting mystery of 2016.

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