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Since its commercial birth in 1950s, gaming technology has nothing but advanced. The gaming industries had proven to be one of the most profitable industries in the world. The technology blast has revolutionised gaming but let us take a look from where it all began.


First Game 1940


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The first ever recognised sample of a game machine was displayed in 1940. The game was based on the ancient mathematical game of Nim, and was played by 50,000 people during the time it was on display, with computer, for 6 months.


First Consoles 1972-1977


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The First Consoles were quite than the consoles that followed. Swappable consoles were not widespread in this generation and hence the games were provided with console itself. This was a huge limitation.


The Era of cartridges  1977-1983


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This improved the gaming consoles considerably with numerous hardware and software capabilities. It was the first era of gaming to use cartridges. Due to flooding of new products, the gaming became responsible for its collapse. This led to, what we call, the Video Game Crash of 1983.


8-Bit Era 1983-1987


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This marked the end of the Video Game Crash of 1983, shifting the dominance of Video Games to Japan. This made a transition from single screen graphics to scrolling graphics. This came to an end as the 8-bit consoles became quite obsolete against new 16-bit consoles.


Arcade comes Home 1987-1994


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This began with release of NEC’s PC-Engine in 1987. Sega also released its Mega Drive and SNK brought arcade into home. Nintendo also launched Super Nintendo. The manufacturers started developing CD for their consoles. At the end of this era the market was under Nintendo’s control.


Introduction of Hardcore audience 1993-1997


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Many companies were making their own consoles instead of licensing, due to high advancement in CD technology. Sadly, these consoles failed due to lack of third party developers. By the end of this time, Sony had entered the market with Playstation. Three dimensional gaming had come to become a reality. This time is also referred to as the introduction of “hardcore” audience.


Downloadable content 1997-2005


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Sega released a new console called Sega Dreamcast. Sony also announced Playstation 2 to be released. The Dreamcast was strong for a few years but the release of Sony Playstation made the tables turn. Playstation had compatibility with a wide stuff, DVD being one of it. Sega finally dropped out of the market and joined the game designing business. Microsoft also released Microsoft Xbox in 2001. Online gaming was still not adopted.


Hello HiDef  2005-2012


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This era improved concept of gaming with new standards and new features. Microsoft released Xbox 360, which introduced concept of community and online gaming. A year later, competition toughened with Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Playstation 3 introduced new technologically advanced specs and abilities to play Blu-ray and download movies.


Energy Efficient Gaming 2012-2015


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This marked the release of Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and Sony Playstation 4. The manufacturers focused on indie gaming and the gaming consoles now had more energy efficient hardware.


Today and The Future



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The gaming has now come to phone and applications have major share of the gaming market. The applications are more versatile and can be modified. This has caused a huge rise in mobile gaming. The games have out-of-the world VFX and Graphics and are an addiction with the growing popularity of smartphones. The games are now advancing into Virtual Reality which make the gaming world a life-like gaming spot. The technology is only developing and there is a lot more to come our way.

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