Top 10 Smart Crimes

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World has experienced many extravagant crimes which are done by some of the smartest people in the world. These people have great brains and their strategies not understood by many, let us look at 10 such smart crimes and criminals who shook the entire world:

1.  The Zodiac –


The Zodiac killer is one of the most notorious criminal in the history of the world. Operating in northern California in the early 60s and late 70s his identity remains unknown. The Zodiac sent taunting encrypted letters to the police before and after every murder. Several were suspected but none of them were confirmed.




2.  Garden Museum Theives –


Two men disguised as Boston Police Officers made an entrance into the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum on 18th March, 1990. They managed to enter by tricking the guards, handcuffing them and rounding them into the basement. Once inside they raided the second floor and stole artwork worth $500,000,000. The burglars were never found.


Image source: The Boston Globe



3.  Albert Spaggiari –


Frenchman, Albert Spaggiari is well known for masterminding the heist of Societe Generale Bank in 1976. Since the bank’s vault was located in the basement he figured the best way to break in would be from the bottom through a nearby sewer, placed himself in a box and set an alarm clock to check for interior security alarms. He then hired a group of gangsters and dug a hole for two months and stole 60 million francs worth of money and other valuables. During the trial he managed to trick the judge and jump out a window never to be found again.


Image source: Alchetron



4.  Twin Thieves –


Three masked robbers busted into the Kaufhaus Des Westens on 25th February 2009 without tripping any alarms. They were successful in committing the crime but committed a catastrophic mistake of leaving behind a glove. When tested for DNA matched two people. According to German law each person is to be individually convicted and were set free. The third robber was never found.


Image source:



5.  Paris art museum Burgler –


An unaccompanied thief broke in and stole masterpieces by artists such as Matisse and Picasso from the Paris Museum of Modern Art worth 100 Million British Pound. The thief simply shattered a window, removed the painting out the frames and flied thanks to the defective alarm system.


Image source: Travis Simpkins



6.  Baker Street Burglars –


A squad of well – implemented burglars tunneled their way into the vault of Lloyds Baker Street Bank in 1971 with several explosives and metal cutting tools. A policeman overheard the frequency of the lookout positioned up on the roof, the police looked helter-skelter for the burglar including this bank but were unable to catch them in time.


Image source: Crime Magazine



7.  Tucker Cross Heist –


The Tucker Cross recovered in 1955 from 1594 San Pedro is a 22 Karat Gold cross embedded with Emeralds was stolen during the transition to Bermuda Museum of Art by using he old switch-a-roo with a plastic replica. They charged a number of men but weren’t able to catch the criminals.


Image source: Oddee



8.  “DB” US aviation’s unsolved crime –


World’s most eminent fugitive Dan “DB” Cooper boarded a plane in Portland. Cladded in a suit, raincoat, sunglasses and a brief case sat at the back of the plane. Handed the airhostess a note “I HAVE A BOMB IN MY BRIEF CASE. I WILL USE IT OF NECESSARY. I WANT YOU TO SIT NEXT TO ME. YOU ARE BEING HIJACKED”. After receiving the request amount of 200,000 dollars he released the passengers and the crew and demanded to fly to Mexico. Mid-flight over the mountains at the northwest of Portland parachuted off the plane. A rough amount of 6000 dollars was found but no sign of DB.


Image source:



9.  300 Million Yen robber –


A Nihon Shintaku Ginko Bank car was transporting 300 million yen on December 10th 1968 in a trunk. The car was pulled over by a policeman claiming there was a bomb under the car. There already were bomb threats surrounding the bank they exited the car. Seconds later noticed smoke which was the result of a flare lit by the “policeman” who jumped into the car and fled. There were several pieces of evidences, suspects and witnesses yet the criminal was never caught.


Image source: Museum of Word Treasures



10.  “Vacuum Gang” –


In 2006, an unknown clam of thieves had been emptying supermarket safes in France. They used a safe cracking method using nothing but a drill and a modified vacuum to vacuum out the money. As of 2011 they had stolen 800,000 dollars from various stores.


Image source: Yiral

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