We will surely want these movies to be released again

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There are some movies which are legend which has everything just perfect, Bollywood being a very vast industry there are hundreds of movies made every year and with competition some movies don’t well at box office but they are great movies, but by time we realize the movie is out of the cinema halls, let’s look at some of those movies which we want to be released again.



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A truly inspirational story of what a laid back college graduate who doesn’t even know what he wants to do in his life. The same guy ends up becoming a soldier who leads the squad to triumph over the Pakistan troops. The movie sends a strong message to the youth that they are the backbone of our country.




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The movie sends a message to the youth of today who wants to be successful by shortcuts. The two friends acted by Aamir Khan and Salman Khan Try romancing a millionaire’s daughter to get rich and go through a roller coaster of twists and turns in the process. Probably the best comedy movie ever!!



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This movie is a gem in its own. A British filmmaker who wants to make a movie on Indian freedom fighters based on her Grandfather’s diary. She finds the characters for the movie in the care-free college students of Delhi University. The major incident which changed their perception towards the country was death of their dear friend played by R Madhvan in Air Crash due to substandard parts used in air force planes. Inspired by the freedom fighters, they take revenge by killing the Defense minister.




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A successful Indian scientist from NASA returns back to his village and meets his childhood friend and his love of life too. This movie depicts the current state of the rural India in sheer excellent way, educated are not in country but want their country to progress which is not possible unless educated be in the country and help it’s progress. The youth can very well connect to this film and develop a feeling amongst them towards the country.




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A story about three besties played by Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna,its all about their lives, relationships which lead to great comedy, drama, songs and an amazing storyline which is how everyone wants their lives to be. The film ends with a touching reunion of these separated friends.


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