Weird Educational Degrees that actually exist

SMJBuzz 06 Jan, 2017 WTF

To grow the interest of children in studies, some universities, mainly in the UK and the US have gone too far in terms of career and courses. There are all weird types of educational degrees and course titles out there.


1.  Baking Technology Management


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The London Southbank University offers this course which is a combination of essays, practical work and theory exams as well. The two year foundation course teaches you to bake your own loaf and also gives you idea about business management and leadership.


2.  Horology


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The Horology degree at Birmingham City is all about time. You learn to become a watchmaker or clockmaker by mixing the art and science of well, time measurement.


3.  Sexual Health Studies


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The course in UCLan, UK, might be a awkward topic to be discussed upon. The modules teach you the design and delivery of sex and relationship education with a global perspective of sexual health. Though it sound awkward, it's worth a long-term highly paid career.


4.  Yacht operations


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The degree isn't what it sounds like, you won't be invited to a Yacht party all the time. The two year foundation course at South Devon college will teach you to travel and maintain a boat in the sea and there are of course, offshore expeditions. This is a good degree for people pursuing a career in maritime industry


5.  Surf Science & Technology


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The Cornwall College, next to the beach in UK offers this course with all the details about perfect surfing. It is a great course as you’ll get hired by Billabong or Surfers Against Sewage or who knows, you’ll be able to set up your own surf shack.


6.  Brewing & Distilling


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It's a heavy science degree offered by Heriot-Watt University in the UK. It's a 4 year course teaching you everything from brewing your beer to the science behind it.


7.  Viticulture & Oenology


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You don't know what these terms mean? Me, neither. It's a course offered at the Plumpton College teaching you about the science of grape growing and making wine.


8.  Ethical Hacking


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Many of us have heard this term before but none of us knew that it was a degree course at the University of Abertay in Dundee. It teaches you everything about computer hacking and obviously, you’ll be able to hack.


9.  Dairy Herd Management


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It's a two year course at the Reaseheath College. You’ll learn everything you need for dairy farm related skills. You’ll know how to run a dairy business with economical and legal procedure. Yet another nice course to pursue.


10.  Contemporary Circus & Physical Performances


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The foundation course at Bath Spa University, offers different modules to choose from including philosophy of circus, physical theatre and acrobatics. It's about physical performances and not magic, you know.

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