You’ll be shocked to know the annual stipend of these CEO’s

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India is the home to world’s richest persons; it has the world’s costliest homes & loads of billionaires. It is also the home to some of the world’s highest paid executives.


1.  Sundar Pichai


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Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, is the highest paid Indian executive. Google pays him approximately ₹335 crore and has also given him shares in Google’s parent company, Alphabet.


2.  Kavery Kalanithi


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The executive director of Sun TV with an annual salary of ₹ 59.89 crore is amognst the highest paid executives in the country. The group’s channels are majorly concentrated in South India but the FM channels and DTH services are enjoyed all over the country.

3.  Naveen Jindal


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The CEO of Jindal Steel & Power Ltd has an annual salary of whooping ₹55 crore. He has been in news for his efforts that led to revision of the Flag Code of India.


4.  Mangalam Birla


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The CEO of Aditya Birla Group has a salary of ₹49.62 crore round the year. He took over the company when he was mere 28 after his father’s death and has taken the company to great heights from then.


5.  Pawan Munjal


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The CEO of Hero Moto Corp with a salary of ₹32.80 crore is the man behind success of the group. He is man responsible for the growth of the company.



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